About me

Hello, my name is Anna Blom and I am a 2D character animator, studying to become a director

I have always had an affinity with creating and drawing. I started making stuff as soon as I got my hands on finger paint in kindergarten and throughout my whole childhood was always busy either with drawing or crafting. Creativity has always played a big role and my parents have always encouraged me in this.

A while after high school I figured out I wanted to go to an art academy. I got admitted at AKV StJoost in 2012 and started my studies there. Throughout the bachelor I discovered my affinity with directing and took the opportunity to test it out at Cambridge School of Arts during my minor, where I stayed for 4 months. My specialisation was still character design, but slowly directing also started to become a potential specialisation. 

In July 2017 I graduated from the bachelor Animation at AKV StJoost in Breda with the film To Spring, which was screened in September 2017 at the Nederlands Film Festival, and in August 2017 continued with the master Animation at AKV StJoost in Den Bosch, in order to specialise more in directing and to learn to work with different programs for my animations. 

There are still many stories that need to be told in animations and I hope I will get to be part of them.

Anna Blom
January 28th, 1992
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: Dutch & English

Bachelor Animation (2012 – 2017)
AKV StJoost, Breda, Netherlands

Minor Film & TV Production (2014)
Cambridge School of Arts,
Cambridge, England

Master Animation (2017 – present)
AKV StJoost, Den Bosch, Netherlands