2015 – Merel van der Linden GIF

A GIF made as a solo project during my internship at Studio Eenvoud, for Merel van der Linden

2015 – Turn the Tables

During my internship in May / June 2015 with Raymon Wittenberg, I worked on his shortfilm Turn the Tables. My tasks were to measure and animate the 2D printed characters, so they would fit in the set properly.

2015 – Playgrounds Festival Bumper

Right here you can see a bumper for Playgrounds Festival, made in 2015. There was no specific theme required, as long as it would lead to the logo. So I animated my favourite thing to animate: a fox.

2015 – Dysphoria Title Sequence

The film Dysphoria is a hypothetical feature film, a psychological thriller. The title sequence for said hypothetical film is a collaboration between Zina Geboers, Rebecca Liebregts, Max van der Wielen, and myself. My role in this project was being the director and a 2D animator. 

While this project didn’t include any character animation, it is still a project I am proud of and had fun working on.

2013 – Easy on the Eye

Easy on the Eye was my first 2D animated shortfilm. Since I can be a bit sentimental about some of my works, I wanted to include this in my portfolio. 

2013 – Lifting 1000 KG

Even though this is an old animation, it is still a little video that is close to my heart. What you see here is an exercise from the 2nd year of my bachelor, where we had to practise animating a character lifting something heavy and something light. The storyteller in me immediately wanted to make something nice out of it.